The Way to Properly Utilize an Inversion Table

Relieve pressure in your joints and back with hang up in an inversion table. Though they were created mostly to elongate the trunk, you may even extend your legs and buttocks. After doing hang-ups, however, make certain to move in the move carefully to make certain you don't get hurt.

If you do not possess an inversion table, then you might even hang upside down to a secure pull-up pub or on park equipment.

Getting Ready

Warm up with about 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, like running, brisk walking or biking, prior to utilizing the Hang Up. Stretching cold muscles can lead to injuries.

Ensure that you are positioned properly from the inversion table, along with your head resting on the mat on top and your toes firmly strapped to the footrests.


Discontinue at an angle that's comfortable and lets you elongate your spine. Lift your hands on your head and put them on the floor, if accessible, or towards the cover of the table. You should feel a stretch in your buttocks and legs. Hold the stretch for 10 to 20 minutes and release.

Be Mindful

Consult with a physician before using any sort of inversion table, and stop immediately in the event that you feel any pain rather than simply distress -- on your own body Let your physician know if you've got hypertension or cardiovascular disease. In accordance with Harvard Health Publications, anybody with a heart problem shouldn't use an inversion table.